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Felony Rogers gets interviewed for her kinks and gets fucked (2023)

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by Dan


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Felony Rogers gets interviewed about her kinks. She gets tied into an Iron pole with her body on bend , her arms was tied into the iron pole and she is getting whipped in the ass. The guy that is punishing her fondle her breast, he also plays with her pussy using his fingers. The guy put a clamp into Felony's pussy and continued to play with Felony's pussy, He also did the same thing in her breast and keeps fingering her pussy. Felony was so pleasured and squirted from all of those things that is being used on her and then she fell asleep. When Felony wakes up she was bondage and tied into the bed, the man came in and started to play with Felony's body again, He gets a vibrator and use it on felony after that he tied felony upside and put a lot of tweezer clamps into her body and the guy played with felony's pussy again using the vibrator. Felony's ass was also played using butt plug and the man keeps on playing with felony's pussy until he gets satisfied.

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